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I am making homemade candles as a way to help support myself and my family. Custom candles will hopefully be done as well.

My main goal for the candles is for them to be LGTBQA+ themed: lesbian, gay, transsexual, bisexual, queer, and asexual. Overtime I hope to produce more candles for all the orientations, identities, romantic attractions, and even the relationships. 

I honestly do not have any experience with candle making but that will not stop me from tying to produce quality candles for the people willing to buy them from me.

After I receive the money I will immediately buy all the materials that are needed for candle making. Afterwards, I plan on making a stock of candles and sell them via Etsy.

After calculating everything, it all it comes out to 1,375.02$ but I am asking for 1,500$ in case I am short on materials or shipping costs. If all 1,500$ isn’t met in time I will still use whatever I have to get started on making the candles. I hope to be able to make colored, scented, and possibly custom candles for everyone.

A few risks and challenges will be in the production stage. I will essentially be the only one working on the candles with the help from my mom on the weekends and the days she has off. This means that peoples shipments may be a few days late but customers will always be notified if such an event shall occur.

About 3 months ago I did a fundraiser for my family. It was very successful but still wasn’t enough to keep us in the clear, so to speak. This is why I decided to try and sell candles; I can make a product, sell it and people will get something in return.

Message me if you have any questions or inquiries about the fundraiser.
Art work by Hira.

I looooooove cute candles! I’m gonna buy a thousand.
Will they be scented?

Yes! They will be scented according to order or what I have already layed out.

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